Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thursdaily, Kickstarter glee and new artwork

I have a super busy day ahead, so I'm blogging early and limiting my dancing around the living room to just a little quiet boogie so Guppy can sleep as long as possible.

We blew past the Apples and Roses stretch goal, and we're almost $100 towards this fun title:

Yes, that's new artwork from me! That was my second zombie piece (there's an umbrella at the top in the full version!) - I'll share the first tomorrow... (I know my artist friends will get a kick out of that one!)

If you like metrics as much as I do, here's a handy graph to see how the Kickstarter is going:

Fantasy Coloring Books for (so-called) Grown-ups -- Kicktraq Mini

'Make a tower' is still one of Guppy's favorite games. Her Duplo towers are getting more and more involved and fun. Yesterday, I took her outside to let her play while I stacked wood, and she gleefully jumped up on the pallets. 'Make a tower!' she crowed, as I started piling the wood up.

Look how yellow everything is getting! *weeps*

Okay, breakfast and boogie-ing now.
Tags: artwork, coloring books, guppy, kickstarter, photos, scaly scaly capitalism

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