Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Tuesdaily with Staff Pick and Playdoh

I'm risking Playdoh again this morning. I'm even (*gasp*) allowing more than one color open at a time, fully knowing that this will mean gross contamination of the colors.

It's also time for a nightlight. The stair light shines brightly on Guppy's bedroom door, letting some leak in underneath. Last night, she complained that her room was too dark. I presumed that she was trying to stay up later, and countered that I'd leave that light on. She quieted down right away, so I figured that worked. When I went to bed, I turned off the light.

A tiny little voice protested, "Turn the light back on!"

I did, with sinking heart. Was she going to start fussing?

"Think you!" As sweet as can be.

And not anther peep out of her.

I had to get up halfway through the night because it was too bright in OUR bedroom, but she had passed out for good by then.

Yup, time for a nightlight.

Stressful phonecall to make today. (Not as bad as I'd feared!) More Kickstarter stuff. Swimming. Trying not to look at Kickstarter stats. (I did get a Staff Pick! Woot!)

(Also, I'm sort of amused that there is a lost (domestic) sheep, and a wandering (not-domestic) black bear in the neighborhood.)
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