Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thursdaily with Storytime Achieved. Sort of.

Storytime's not broken! Unless you're Guppy, who has been nagging and nagging and nagging about storytime since it stopped running a month ago... and then it's all: 'I'm all done now' (loudly, halfway through), refusing to wear her nametag, running away across the room a few dozen times (I didn't chase. She didn't go far.), 'Draw now? Stamp?' (in the middle of the readings) and refusing to sing 'Wheels on the Bus' OR do any of the motions. Oh Guppy, you are so TWO. We did have the attention span to make a sheep with cotton balls and construction paper afterwards, which was delivered to Papa at his work.

Gotta start dinner in the pressure cooker soon, so no time for blogging or a photo yet. I will leave you with this teaser for my Kickstarter video, which I am filled with glee over:

(Credit to laylalawlor, who is working with me on the video doing the entire video under my ham-handed direction! I totally need a director's chair. Also, a tiara.)

Out of laptop battery! Off to cook!
Tags: guppy, kickstarter

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