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Steaming forward on my Kickstarter - made big progress yesterday and am SUPER SUPER happy with how things are falling into place. The first two covers are designed and I've got sample pages to show. I've refined the rewards more, and added clarification to the body of the campaign. The video is in production. (Does that sound fancy, or what?) Will I be ready for a Friday launch? I'm not sure... I may postpone to Monday if it doesn't feel perfect yet.

If Guppy would nap now, maybe I could get the next covers finalized and start sending out acceptance notes! (We've been up three times - had to pee, hungry, "my butt hurts." Now she's trying all of these in rotation, plus just crying MommyMommyMommy!) I did get a load of laundry done and some bedding rotated, started bread, cleaned the kitchen and floors, and boiled garbanzo beans for humus.

Guppy helped me mix up the bread (though her help mostly entailed spilling yeast on the counter...), and wanted to watch it knead in the mixer. "It's making CARROTS," she said gleefully. And yes, it did look a great deal like a big version of the 'carrots' that she makes out of playdoh! I laughed so hard I nearly dropped her.

I still need to post for Torn World, send Sketch Fest payments, and do my August wrap-up... September, you're here too soooon!


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