Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Wednesdaily with grown-up chores...

Met a contractor, rescheduled with another, paid property taxes, did a little landscaping, and went to the grocery store... where I was compelled to buy myself an awesome Batman robe.

Because I'm a grown-up, yup.

(It had a utility belt!! And pockets! And a hood!!)

Yesterday, I added wood delivery to my list of things to do, mostly so I could cross it off. And let me tell you, three 1-ton dumptruck loads is a LOT of nice split spruce. This photo doesn't really do the scale of that pile justice:

We covered it up before we went to bed... because yes, it started raining again. It took three tarps to cover it, and we were very glad we were good Alaskans and just happened to have two new 16'x20' tarps on hand.

Smallest monster is down to nap, and a friend is coming over in a bit, so I have to de-disasterize my house a little, and work on coloring books. I am not where I want to be on any project at the moment. First, a phonecall, while the house is free from yodeling.

Here is a Guppy photo that was very challenging to take - it was BRIGHT outside, and relatively dim inside:

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