Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Tuesdaily with lists...

If I don't make a list today, there's no way everything will happen.

Okay, there's probably little chance of everything happening, anyway...

*Bread dough for pizza
*Pesto - otherwise I'll lose my basil! - freezing it in ice cube trays this time.
*I'm also adding granola, since I'm on this cooking kick and Guppy beeeegggggged for it this morning
*clean toilet
*scoop catbox
*take out trash
*order water
*research numbers
*send requested payment
*delivery of lots and lots of split spruce!
*work on application
*Print submissions - I did download a bunch more, at least...
*finish scan cleanup
*harddrive backup
*laundry (2 loads + fold 1)
*call contractor scheduled x2
*find pants and put them on

Inbox: 166

Here's a photo from last week of monsterus minimus getting jealous of the cat in my lap enjoying the brief sunshine:

(And yes, it's raining again today!)
Tags: guppy, lists, photos
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