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Baby is in Will Not Nap mode. I've been up there four times to tuck her back in... and now the dog is barking his fool head off and there is more kicking from above... and now yodeling. ARGH.

We went to the park this morning - a different park than usual! - to meet laylalawlor for sketching and lunch. It was too gorgeous a day to stay inside! We played on the little playtrain, she got to feed ducks, and there was much galloping about with sound effects. Guppy was mesmerized by the carousel, but I think she's still a little young to ride it. I got a little sketching in, not a lot, and we shared a smoked salmon crepe that was SO yummy. And then, because it was so beautifully sunny, ice cream was needed. Then we came home so she could nap, which is Just. Not. Happening.

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