Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Mondaily; summer feels like it's ending

It's been a busy summer, and I'm VERY sad to see yellow leaves starting to pop out in the trees. My parents will be leaving soon, and I am not feeling like I utilized my time very wisely.

My inbox was over 250 this morning, but I've whittled it to 152. I've also gotten three orders out, framed two pieces, organized the entryway (it tends to collect jackets and bags if I'm not careful), and eaten a piece of pie. Guppy has been on an erratic sleep pattern lately - yesterday, she slept until 11. (Then resisted her nap until nearly 4!) I will probably wake her up at 10 if she's not up on her own by then. (ETA: she woke on her own about 9 this morning!) I'm working on coloring books in all the leftover time - I'm nearly finished with my last piece, and about ready to make final selections. So exciting! So little time left in the year!

Here is Guppy (who needs a haircut), sitting by my garden. You can see that my lilies are FINALLY blooming! There's a little basil over her shoulder, and you can see the strawberries trying hard. And in the far background, the amazing, unexpected violas, which have bloomed ALL summer as hard as they can, despite never being deadheaded. It is a tiny little garden, but I have gotten so much out of it this year!

That's coriander (cilantro gone to seed) hanging off the front, and those big gorgeous dark plants on the left are kale. Chard is having a ball in the front on the left, with the violas, the zucchini is spreading, the violets have taken over the center in the back, the delphinium is nearly gone. There are pockets of strawberries throughout.

Got a handful of maintenance thingies done around the house this weekend - hung a mirror, deep-cleaned the shower, organized most of the fasteners box, and started straightening my workspace. Also groomed the dog and cat (who is not responding to her anti-hyper-thyroid food, yet), and spent some time with family. My Pittsburgh sister went home on Friday! I miss her already.
Tags: coloring books, garden, guppy, photos

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