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It was a good weekend. :)

Not much EMG time, just a half-hour on Sunday. But we did go to Home Despot, make an electricity plan for the basement, purchase a big old Rubbermaid shed and grade a foundation for it. Well, I couldn't help much with that, of course, so I made food and washed dishes and got leaves out of the way. I also sat down with the instructions and familiarized myself so I can help get it up. So far it looks like a good purchase. We also bought material for a front landing and some real steps. (We have wobbly-logs for steps right now. I don't like wobbly-logs.) It was very nice out, still well above 40 F, and crisp and fall-smelling. Most of the leaves are on the ground, already, and every day that it doesn't snow is like stolen time.

Sunday, Jake cut my hair - just about 3 inches off - and I went to gaming. Yay! The GM really is excellent. Good story-telling, and there's always tons of snacks (calories good!) and the people are all terribly nice. And I got to draw! I worked on one portrait there, and fixed another when I got home while watching StarGate and Andromeda. I have two new guys and a girl finished for the Secret Project. And a couple of couple-drawings that may be suitable, too.

Yesterday was my sister's birthday, and I'm headed over there after work tonight. I'm bringing either a pie or a cake, for sure, and I'd like to get her something special, too. She's had such a difficult year, with an ugly divorce and moving out of her house. I may even get her a DVD player, but buying DVDs is so expensive and horribly addictive... Hmm... Hmm...

Need to do scads of scanning. And tonight I'm packing up my computer AND my HP PSC and taking them out to our house. Hoorah!!

Jake and I had a very long 'what do we really expect to accomplish on the house in what kind of time' discussion. I angled hard for having more of my business out there, and he bought it. Yay! We're not going to get much done this winter, in all likelihood ('cause we suck and we know it...), and there's a ton to be done before we're 'ready' to move the business out, but that's going to be months and months and months. So, we're making the house a bit more hospitable as it is - without, of course, going through a grand un-packing and cluttering. The shed will get the snowblower out of downstairs, too. :P

We also sat down with a spreadsheet and figured out where my time goes, because sometimes I'm so busy and behind I'm ready to cry. It isn't his fault I overbook myself like crazy, but he did offer to take over some of the shopping as one of those tasks that eats into my times. And he took the initiative and bought us silverware last time he was at the store! He's very picky about tools and dishes and... well, let's just leave it at 'he's very picky.' So I've been waiting for a time to go shopping with him and living with the same crappy three forks and the bag of plastic spoons left over from Matt and Nicki's wedding. What a delightful surprise when he came back with a simply gorgeous brush-finished stainless set with very plainly elegant flat handles. And he thought to get a silverware organizer to take the place of our haphazard crappy box of utensils. He really is a gem.

Two orders to get out tonight, and maybe some scanning. I have some - vague - hope of getting new work up at EMG today. And getting that birthday thank-you stuff taken care of.

Email is being Slooooooooowwww again today. Bothersome. Hmmm... livejournal is, too. Maybe our connection is just sloooowwww today.

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