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I finished another coloring book page! I finally came up with a zombie idea I could get behind. I've got another underway for the Dark Fantasy book - and that will get me SOMETHING in every theme. (Which makes it MUCH easier to sell the books at events where I'm supposed to be representing myself!)

I am working out the nuts and bolts of the Kickstarter for all of the coloring books now, and collecting the last pieces for it. The deadline is August 14th - and it is a DROP DEAD deadline. I've made a Facebook event for it, in case you don't despise Facebook too much and want the reminder: https://www.facebook.com/events/763258433697299

Guppy found two sticks yesterday (not a new thing. She loves sticks!), and brought them to me, tapping them together happily. "I'm KNITTING," she told me. "KNITTING."

We went to the park today for a while, because it was sunny and gorgeous, and supposed to rain this afternoon. She fell off the merry-go-round (and wanted to go again!), decided all over again that she doesn't like the swings, enjoyed the slide for a while, and spent quite some time on the seesaw. She also snacked, and then we went to buy dog food and groceries, where there were adventures in the car-cart.

Wheels on the Bus is her latest thing - she wants to sing it (and do the hand motions) OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. And if she thinks I've skipped a verse, she says, "No, no! Missed a page! Clink, clink, clink (or whichever verse she wants to do)!" She loves the "Open and shut" verse with clapping, but always scrunches her eyes shut when she claps (and never does it on the right beat).

I went blueberry picking on Saturday, and it wasn't quite as nice, weatherwise. The company was great (went with my friend M), but the mosquitos were THICK, and the blueberries were scanty. I wore head to toe banana suit (bright yellow rain gear), and was glad as much because it protected me from the vicious insect ravages as from the rain. It wasn't raining while we were picking, but clearly had very recently. There was more water rushing around in those lowlands that I've EVER seen, and everything was very soggy. I suspect our blueberry plants were completely flooded a time or two over the summer, and didn't appreciate it much. We got about a half a quart apiece, for our two hours of picking. Not a great return, but it was still fun. We'll try again next year.

Back to coloring book pages! Inking like the wind!
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