Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Epic Mondaily Update

In Guppy News

I am astonished how fast she's growing. It's easier to see when I spent a good chunk of two weeks away from her than it was when I was constantly with her.

Her speech is getting clearer - milk is no longer gum, blankets are no longer boppies. (Each blanket, in fact, has a name, and must be put on her in order: Pink Blanket, Guppy Blanket, Rose Blanket, Kitty Blanket. And heaven help you if one of the blankets is missing!) She says 'please' if barely prompted, 'thank you' nearly always, and 'you're WELcome' all the times in between. 'Do it myself!' is one of her favorite things, and she drew an 'H' and identified it correctly this weekend. Her counting is still hit and miss. ('One, three, one, two...') 'Build a tower!' is still a favorite. Reading never goes out of style. A few weeks ago, she made a drastic change and began personifying her things. Suddenly Kiko, her rag-doll, has to be fed and have her diaper changed and take naps, where before I think Kiko's little blanket meant more to her than Kiko. Even her 'Little Green Person' (a Duplo figure) is addressed as a character now. She cannot seem to sit still through storytime - today she bolted across the library (just to be chased, as far as I can tell) five times before I finally just pulled her out and went to play with Duplos with her.

Growing up is hard work!

In pet news

I need to take Norway for more walks! But as he's gotten older, he seems more content with hanging out at his house and doesn't bolt around quite like he used to. Long walks sometimes wind him now. His weight is down at a healthier place for him, and he seems in good health.

Velcro, on the other hand, had started grooming bald patches down her sides, so I took her in for shot updates (just rabies - she's not at risk for anything else, being an indoor only cat) and to get an opinion on that. $300 of bloodwork later (and two draws, because they LOST the first one...), it turns out she is hyperthyroid, poor kitty. We're trying prescription food for a month or so, before resorting to medicine. No improvement yet, but it's only been a little over a week. She's definitely showing her age these days, but remains tolerant to toddlers who cover her with towels and try to stack books on her and convince her to eat duplos.

In house news

We got the lights up in the garage, and they are fabulous! The fan is also purchased, but not yet installed.

In weather news

More %^*##@ rain. I don't want to talk about it.

In project news

Sketch Fest was a little bit slow this month, and the Torn World Muse Fusion (which runs the entire month) is shaping up to be a bit of a flop. I suspect that my being offline and largely out of touch plays a role.

I am all kinds of inspired over Shifting. I have, in fact, reserved a domain for it, because I have no sense at all. It is now required to make me $15/year. Sketch Tarot is still moving forward - Empress is inked!

Going to draw now, and then make banana bread. Inbox: 117 (urgh!) and I've got Sketch Fest payments to get out.
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