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So I've been giving my last post a loooot of thought.

No, I don't think the image replacement was too mean. Tough, maybe, but not mean. I ran it by Jake, and he said he wouldn't have been as nice. And he wouldn't have signed his name. I was proud to be able to tell him that I wrote it - that actually, I write everything - with the goal of signing my name to it. If I'm not comfortable putting my name on it, I shouldn't be writing it in the first place. Period. Whatever 'it' is. And yes, I'm proud of that fact. It's one reason I've never used a handle. Everything I do, I try to remember and remind myself that it reflects directly on me. If I feel like being anonymous, I ought to take a good hard look at what I'm doing and ask myself why.

But it wasn't right to post that last entry, not publicly. Not the way it was presented.

I was lucky; the readers of that post decided not to start a flamewar, and not to go lecture that misguided blogger. They could have. Heck, someone still could. That would be my doing, and I'd feel pretty awful about it.

I find myself thinking about what a lost soul I was when first dabbling my feet in the Internet. Heck, the Xanga.com site FAQ gives very tidy directions on how to link an image into their blog without so much as a mention about what bandwidth is and how impolite it is to direct link without permission. That person likely doesn't know any better. And when I'm skimming through my email trying to decide if an email is spam or not, I'm constantly aware that not only am I likely to accidentally delete something with a vague subject, but that someone is equally as likely to delete something I send out. Like my warning email.

My last post was a very thinly veiled point-and-mock. Given an ounce of fuel, it could have turned into something ugly and out of hand. This is a public journal; at the least I should have posted that friends-only or included a direct warning. It is too easy to assume that everyone who reads the words here knows me as well as I know me, and knows my views and opinions on flamewars and revenge.

I was lucky, this time. I might not be next time.

Tread gently, think first and never assume the worst.

Edit: I should add, I don't mean to belittle those who called me professional and gave me kudos for my actions. I like what I wrote and think that was well-done, I just don't think I shared what I wrote in a completely appropriate way...

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