Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Wednesdaily beats Tuesdaily, handily

The monster is far, far less monstery today, there have been no unpleasant surprises in the basement (that I've found...), the cat got to nap contentedly in the sun all day, and the weather was so gorgeous that Guppy and I got in the car and impulsively went to the park:

We were going to get ice cream at Hot Licks, afterwards, but they were closed until noon. So we went to the post office (mailed an order), visited Papa at work, and went shopping briefly. A lady two ahead of me in line was short for her order and trying to figure out what to put back, so I put it on my credit card. It feels stupidly good to do little nice things. Also, we bought a lot of ice cream. (It was on sale!)

I also may have solved that tricky programming issue that I got bad news about yesterday... and what's more, may have fixed a long-time-didn't-think-was-fixable problem for that client. It's even presenting a possible solution to some other problems I had dismissed as 'too complicated/out of my programming league.' It's always rewarding when that happens.

So yes, as a whole, today beats yesterday into the dirt.

I even have another piece of apple pie leftover...
Tags: coding, guppy, paying it forward, photos

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