Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Tuesdaily so far...

I have changed three diapers, weathered six temper tantrums, taken the cat BACK to the vet because the blood we had drawn for $300 worth of tests got LOST by FedEx and delayed too long to be of any use to the lab, changed the baby's shirt twice (watermelon first, then dumping muddy rainwater all over herself), wiped watermelon off the floor in a three-foot radius, found mold in the cat's travel-box and had to clean it out and set up the dehumidifier in the basement because the humidity has been so high that the corners are all damp, got new material up at Torn World (in six 1-minute intervals), got bad news on a programming pickle I'm trying to unravel (it can NEVER be easy), got locked out of the house by the baby while I was trying to talk on the phone (because, SCREAMING), got my period, and am fighting an ice-pick-behind-the-eye headache. Inbox: 108.

On the other hand, I did have homemade apple pie for breakfast, so it's not actually that bad.

Guess who can reach lightswitches now! As well as door locks!

We're having yodeling practice right now, and I've got laundry to fold...
Tags: guppy, photos
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