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Fourth of July weekend was gorgeous and hot! I put Guppy's bath outside yesterday so she could splash in it in the sun (Cheap Mom's pool) and we actually turned on the air conditioner for the first time yesterday evening. Then, last night, I was woken several times by rain so hard that I heard it OVER the noise maker. This was followed by a thunderstorm that scared the 100 lb dog up our very steep steps and had him panting outside the bedroom door, pacing and nosing at the door anxiously. It took some serious finagling (right outside the nursery door) to get him back DOWN those stairs, and when a great clap of thunder had him turning around to flee back up, I threw him out door while I put on my boots and raincoat. I went outside, and he had vanished.

I checked his doghouse - no dog. I called for him. I walked most of the way to the trail, getting soaking wet and cold (I'm not wearing much besides the boots and raincoat, and it's POURING rain), then came back to the house. Okay, he likes to hide UNDER things, so I check under the porch... and spot him underneath the truck. It takes much coaxing and reassuring to get him out from underneath, and finally I got him out and walked him (hand firmly on his collar) to tie him up. He immediately went into his nice, safe house and I went back to warm up in bed in the few moments before the alarm went off.

The baby slept through ALL of it.

I was my version of social this weekend - actually went to a party! Of course, I spent some of that time drawing on the walls...

This is a collaborative piece - I did the sea serpent on the bottom and the flowers and the guppy some time ago, and the krakken and divers this round.

Off to start laundry and check on my trenches...
Tags: artwork, guppy, photos, weather

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