Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Fridaily with being grownup...

Yesterday, we went out to do a bunch of running around and had to wait in town to meet up with the husband. Someone got hungry (fine, it was me), so we went to McDonald's. Guppy drank her milk and shared her french fries with me, ate a few pieces of chicken... and got to discover Playland.

She was pretty tentative about the whole thing - and definitely NOT interested in roaming out of sight through the tubes - but the slide met wholeheartedly with her approval:

We also went to the post office, where a box from the amazing Jenny was waiting for us, with a blanket that she's been knitting for TWO YEARS. It is so gorgeous and soft and amazing, and I confess I teared up a little, thinking about all the work that went into it. I will post photos, when I get a chance. There is a small monster sleeping under it right now.

Parents are out on the road again, contractors are nearly finished with our garage (mud and tape and texture and paint!), Guppy is sporting lots of bandaids because she won't stop scratching her mosquito bites, it's raining AGAIN (but I got all my plants in and new grass seed spread), there is a bruise the size of a hand that is deep purple and turning yellow on one knee, bills to pay today, art I've promised, and programming to do... but I'm going to make cookies and watch an episode of Dr Who instead of being responsible. Being a grownup means I get to choose that sometimes.

And I am not sure there will be any cookies left when the Guppy gets up from her nap, let alone when the husband gets home. Sorry, sweetie!
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