Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


The Guppy keeps belting out, "Sunny day!!" That's all she knows of the Sesame Street theme, but it is in tune (mostly). She's being a bit on the monstery side this morning; I think she woke up earlier than she meant when the dog (who is giant and not graceful) got excited because I got up and made coffee. She asked to nurse and I tried to get her back to sleep, but that just wasn't happening. So now, she's alternating between delightful and adorable and EVERYTHING IS AWFUL. I miss the mornings where she sleeps in so I have an hour or two of toddler-free time. Her naps are getting shorter, too. DOOM.

I desperately need a shower, and my browser isn't working correctly, so I suspect my computer needs a reboot. Dishes are piled up and the baby is smearing her cheesestick all over the table.

She picks her own clothes...
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