Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thursdaily with yard woes.

It rained hard all night, and our bank washed out in two spots. Just surface damage - I can see that it's not going to go down much further, at least, but a bunch of my carefully transplanted violets and grass got washed down to the toe of the slope (where they will probably DIE). One section was between two of the previously washed-out spots, and one was about half the slope of jute mat, which I will now have to untangle and re-staple and I am not looking forward to that at all. I am, in fact, quite stompy and grumpy about the fact that I'm going to be spending Guppy's nap out in the mud and cold instead of finishing up Sea Monster Month. (One package left to send!! And then I'll be DONE.) Or writing! I have the end of the story in sight, and I'm very excited by how it's going. Or drawing! I have two collaborative pieces on my plate, I want to scan the sketches from the garden, I want to start a piece for the dark fantasy coloring book, and I have two pieces I've promised that I am really excited to work on, too.

Have a cheerful Guppy photo:

I have installed Thunderbird as my new email program, and I like it pretty well so far, except that it keeps telling me I've just received 90 new messages when I've only gotten one. Inbox is at 85.

As a note - if you are interested in having me look at your work for publication, it's a good idea not to send three emails in less than 24 hours, two of them identical but 12 hours apart. Better yet, don't tell me in the third email that you actually plan to self-publish, but you just want to know what I think first - oh, and can I tell you how to self-publish? I'm generally happy to share what I know, but if I don't know you, that's a pretty presumptuous thing to ask. I am torn between immediately filing this one (er, these three) in the spam folder, and writing a nice, professional response. We'll see how I feel after mud-mucking this afternoon.

Catbox scooped, vacuuming done, dishes washed, bathroom cleaned, still have laundry to fold, and Guppy needs help putting on a hood...
Tags: garden, guppy, photos, rant, weather

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