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I have a Patreon!

I haven't quite made up my mind on the top tiers - I don't really expect anyone to pledge to them, but if they do, by gosh, it has to be worth mailing something physical every single month. I'm not honestly expecting great things of it and will be thrilled if anyone signs up, because the 'finding projects to support' features of the site blow goats; I'm not expecting anyone not in my usual circles to find me. And, there are a lot more specific ways to support my work that I suspect will be more attractive to my lovely readers. But it is sort of a 'grab bag' way to keep me going, and maybe you'll enjoy a surprise every month. I have enough of a backstock of interesting things that I don't feel it will be that much pressure, and I am a big, big fan of passive income. It's a lovely idea, anyway!

Suggestions welcome, of course, as well as shares!

Yesterday, I wrote a few hundred more words on the story I'm slowly finishing - I'm only up to 1400, but I'm still really liking it, so that's a big plus. (Writers on my list who report their multi-thousand count days make me gnash my teeth in frustration and envy!)

Guppy's words for this week include: overalls, mosquito bites (usually with clapping and swatting motions), cucumber, and drama queen. She also knows most of her colors now, and can tell me what letters hippo, penguin, jellyfish, elephant, and a handful of other words start with. She is getting the hang of saying "Pweease," and still says "You're WELcome" when she should be saying Thank you. Photo later....
Tags: guppy, scaly scaly capitalism, writing

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