Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Saturdaily - Keep the Reuben

Two aunts have needled me for a recent shortage of Guppy photos, so I'm doing a rare weekend update to remedy that.

These are taken with my new camera!

She loves to wear Mama's jacket.

And a story from Thursday:

Jake got to go out of town for work things, and he texted to rub in the fact that he was getting homemade root beer on tap, and a delicious Reuben for lunch.

I offered: "Trade you for a baby that won't nap."

I even sweetened the deal: "I'll throw in a bitchy cat for free!"

And ten minutes of crying later: "Hell, keep the Reuben."

"Keep the Reuben" has become our code phrase for "Things are tough" or "Mom needs a break."

(Guppy's been a little monstery in spells the last few days, but on the whole, things are good! I'm in the home stretch of a rather long, involved personal project, and it's been eating a lot of my blogging time.)
Tags: guppy, humor, photos

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