Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Wednesdaily! Er, Thursdaily!

I got as far in this entry as the title yesterday... and no further!

I went with laylalawlor to the Farmer's Market for lunch yesterday, which was delightful - I hadn't been there in ages, and it was like all the best parts of the state fair without the hoards of angsty teenagers and the noisy rides and manure smells. It was tough to choose a lunch from the yummy options. We had planned to go over to Creamer's field to sketch after that, but it was windy and chilly and started to rain as we got there. Hmm. So, we've rescheduled the sketching part.

The weather was lovely later that evening when I took the dog for his jaunt (of course!), so I brought my new camera for some playing...

I have loads of laundry that have been in the washer and dryer since Monday that I need to take care of today. Heh. Also, the catbox needs scooped, and there are dishes to wash. Yesterday, Guppy got up at 6:30, but today (when I was hoping to get her to nap early so I could take her to the library and meet a friend...) she seems to have decided to sleep in. Unpredictable baby is unpredictable. There are undoubtedly many parents who would advocate keeping her to a stricter meal and sleep schedule, but she seems to self-regulate really well. She sleeps through nights excellently, and tells me unmistakably when she needs food or a nap. We go to sleep about the same time every night, after a nice, familiar going-to-bed routine, and though she sometimes mutters for a while in her crib, there are very few fights about naps* or sleep or eating. It works for us, so I guess that's what counts.

It's a gorgeous day, so I'm hoping we'll go play outside for a while today.

I got two new digital stamps up at my Etsy store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ellenmillion

And I'll leave you with an article on life drawing, talent, and skill that I found quite thought-provoking: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/daniel-maidman/dear-jerry-notes-on-life-_b_5453722.html

I'm really craving a life drawing class...

I hear a baby! "Mummy? Mummy? Where da Mama?"

* I am an idiot for typing that 'out loud.' Today, I tried to put her down for that early nap, with no luck, and at regular naptime I finally put her down with fussing and yelling and crying and kicking and it was an hour before she finally gave up.
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