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Has it been since MONDAY that I blogged? Goodness.

I've been busy with monster, gardening, and various administrative art thingies. I'm bumping coloring book submissions into high gear: I want to get these together asap! http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/submissions.php

I've also been working on bits of programming projects. My latest moment of clever was figuring out how to make Facebook pick a particular thumbnail when I posted a link. I've got it working at Torn World and Portrait Adoption - Sketch Fest is next on my list.

I got trees for my birthday and have dug giant holes and filled them with topsoil for them. I was going to buy bags of dirt, but they were $60 for 3.8 cubic feet. I calculated I'd need 9 bags, which - no thank you. So I took the tank out of the pick up and got an entire load of topsoil for that same $60 (approximately 35 cubic feet). The holes were big enough to absorb 3/4 of the load of topsoil - now I'm debating a raised bed of some kind, or spreading it over the side-yard slope. It would be an improvement over the crappy rocky silt there now, but it might be pretty useless, too. I am quite sore from all the dirt slinging and root-chopping and rock-wrangling. But I have two teeny maples and two teeny apples! They look like little branches in the ground right now, but I will love them and water them and say sweet things to them, and hopefully they will not be chewed down to nothing by the moose.

I've signed up for two art classes through the Summer Fine Arts festival! One is for graphic noveling, and one is for digital photography. I'm SUPER excited about them.

We went to the library yesterday but were not early enough to get a slot in storytime this month. Here's Gramma and Guppy exploring the grounds:


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Jun. 9th, 2014 01:57 am (UTC)
Way to go with the birthday tree planting!!!
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