Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Escaping work!

Doing some research into getting Sylver's book printed. I can do it myself, but it's time-consuming, and if I can find a reasonable price, I'll gladly job it out. Bunch of emails out today along those lines. Bunch of other emails trying to weed out my stupid inbox. Transferred the rest of the artist-inquiries from my Outlook box, but haven't answered all of 'em yet.

Work is sloow this morning, and my back hurts like a sunuvabitch, so I think I'll take the afternoon off. Maybe even /really/ off, like 'sit on the couch and watch dvds' kind of off, instead of 'scramble madly to get everything done and add more things to my list to do than six people can do in a week' kind of off.

Have lots of art to scan, and shall plan on doing that tomorrow evening, after dropping Jake at hockey. Didn't get any of it done yesterday. Though I did get shirts printed, and am now in possession of a package of the transfers you can use on black t-shirts. Mmm! The samples at Kev's shop looked nice!!

Started a romantic wedding-themed piece for EMG, and remarkably pleased so far. Using good, rich, dark parts, inking boldly, and the trees are cool. Yay!

The new contract page is swee-eet! I can do search and replace through all the contracts, and make personal notes on the extended entry bit that only I can check. Yeah! I've only transferred a couple of 'em so far, mostly the ones I needed to update. I'll have to dedicate a couple of hours doing the rest of the transfer one of these days. What I wouldn't give for a Whole Week of nothing but EMG. I'd finish the contracts, finish updating with new work, get some advertising done, clean out my old email (nearly done!), and start making stuff for Christmas bazaars. And make RWH tarot cards. I could do that in a week, easy. I could probably do it in three ten-hour days. T'ain't going to happen without a minor miracle.

And darn it, I /am/ taking the afternoon off. At least mostly. My back has been spasming since last night, and that wears me down horribly. They've got no work for me, I'm sick of mucking with the DA webpage, and I hate feeling guilty for doing my own stuff here but I can't stand wasting time.

So there!

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