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This is the last day to sponsor a new monster! http://ellenmillion.livejournal.com/1448256.html (You will be able to get general sponsorships, ACEO packs, or snag existing monsters until the end of the month, which will add towards our group goals, but I can't commit to finishing any new monsters after today!)

This teeny guy was one of the group goals that we met:

He's not through the canon board yet, but I wanted to show him off anyway. He will give the scale chart a REAL sense of scale. He's ACEO sized, and available for $10. (He'll come with a postcard print of the final chart!)

We got the piano tuned yesterday, and the bill was exactly what I've earned so far with the scale chart crowdfunding. Horrah! Unfortunately, one of the strings broke, which will cost another $45. Incidentally, $45 would exactly get us to the next group goal, which would bring the sea monster territories on the layer map to 10:

$205.00 / $250

And oh, the piano sounds so lovely! Worth every penny!

I'm getting all this help playing it.

I spent a good part of yesterday convinced it was Wednesday and wondering where the week went. I'm still wondering where the week went. Today: laundry, registration on our van, changing all our $&*@#! autopays because we got new credit cards, and scooping the cat box. My car is in the shop, and it's not going to be cheap. Fuel is being delivered today; that's not going to be cheap, either! (But at least I could cover the piano tuning doing sea monsters! That's something!)

Baby's up! Off to Mom!

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