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I finished artwork yesterday! This hasn't been through the canon queue at Torn World yet, but I can't resist sharing it. It was prompted by vaerys at Sketch Fest this weekend, and will be the new border for the Sea Monster Scale Chart:

Tomorrow is your last chance to sponsor a monster. All sponsorships get a high-res version of this artwork to print as stationery (for personal use)! http://ellenmillion.livejournal.com/1448256.html

Very bizarre, winding dreams last night; a vaguely Christmas theme, with a single event replaying over and over with minor differences until it barely bore a resemblance to the first run-through. And then it started going backwards, to the original version of the situation. Too much Star Trek before bed, perhaps.

I took Guppy to daycare yesterday for an hour while I worked out at the gym. The good news was that I was able to do my old workout without too much pain, at all my old settings, even after two+ years off. The toddler keeps me in good shape! The bad news was that there were many tears and it was very hard on my poor heart to leave her there, sobbing for Mommy. The carers called me after about ten minutes (panic!) and reassured me that she had calmed down and was doing fine (relief!). She was crying again when I went to pick her up, because another child was melting down MOST spectacularly. We're going to try to do this more frequently - I needed the workout/alone-time, and she needs to get used to this. Even if I'm not working out, I can take a sketchbook or laptop and get some work done in the deli.

Here's a photo of her sitting in the van. We're getting it set up to go camping, and she finds it fascinating. She sat in the front seat for close to an hour, pushing buttons (stop touching those!) and saying excitedly, "Driveway? Drive up the driveway? Where's the keys? Go! Mama, sit! Guppy, sit! Sit in the van!"

She's been making noises this morning, but I'm REALLY hoping she sleeps longer, because we're getting our piano tuned today (oh, it needs it!) and that could cut into nap time. To work with me now! I have prizes to organize, and some PA work to do, and cleaning, and laundry, and my car has an appointment at the shop!

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