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Happy birthday, EMG!

EMG Downtime

There was some webpage downtime last night due to server/registration problems and some email was bouncing. Sorry about that!

Now for some good news

Ellen Million Graphics turns ten years old in October 2003.

Ten years! That's pretty amazing, if you ask me.

It certainly didn't happen in a vacuum, and I want to take a moment or three to thank some of the people who have made this benchmark possible.

My customers! Your loyalty, your patience, your willingness to provide input and your generosity in parting with your hard-earned money in return for my products has given EMG the stability and strength it has needed to weather these years. You've shared your delight in EMG with your friends and family, given my products as gifts, and done as much to advertise me with your praise and trust as any of my own advertising campaigns. I will continue to work hard for you, to improve my products, selection and service, and to offer as many freebies and rewards as I can manage. I will always offer my unconditional guarantee, though I'm pleased and proud to announce that in ten years, I have not once been asked to honor it.

My artists! This business wouldn't be what it is today without you. The variety and talent that you offer keeps people coming back for more, and your support and encouragement has been invaluable. I am honored and flattered that you have chosen EMG to represent you, in whatever small capacity, and I am grateful for all of your efforts! I humbly think I've snagged some of the most talented people in the market, and I plan to do everything I can to make sure that your involvement with EMG continues to be pleasant and profitable and productive. You have been a joy to work with.

For more thanks and nostalgia, check out http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/new/thanks.html

I've had a great time with this business and have a ton of ideas for the future. As always, I love to hear from you, and welcome all your suggestions and ideas. I couldn't have gotten this far without you.

Shipping Special

I'm having a Christmas shipping special for list subscribers. (edit: and LJ-stalkers!) Place one order (pay shipping only once), and have it shipped to up to four different (US) addresses at no additional cost! Just drop me an email letting me know where you'd like what parts shipped to. This is *only* good until Dec 1, 2003, so plan ahead for those Christmas gifts!


Here's to the next ten years!

Be well,
Ellen Million
Ellen Million Graphics

The link to the thank-you page does NOT work yet.

Jake's taking me out to dinner at the Athenian tonight and I have the afternoon off of work. (In which I will be making T-shirts and scanning stuff and singing out loud to obnoxious music. And putting up the thank-you link. And mailing the above letter.)

I still want to do a minor banner campaign, but simply haven't gotten to that yet. Maybe I can make a banner this afternoon, too. Funny how that 'freetime' fills up so quickly.


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