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The next sea monster from the scale chart has been released!

The Thunder-Whale is the biggest Torn World omnivore. Just a whale. That happens to be able to disintegrate your boat with sound waves. You can sponsor him for $25, which gets you a print of the final chart, and this original 9 x 12 artwork. (The original has a slightly shorter nose, which was adjusted digitally.) We are $35 from our next goal, which is a human diver for scale!

Does she look grown up, or what?

One of her cutest things lately is saying 'You're welcome!' with great enthusiasm. Her 'Thank you' is more like 'tan tu,' and usually not said that clearly, and her 'Please' is next to non-existent. But even if YOU don't say thank you for something, if she thinks you should have, she looks you in the face, smiles hugely and says, "You're WELCOME!' Sometimes she says it twice, grinning away.

We went to the pet supply store today to get old-kitty treats and old-dog food, as well as a new collar. (Fred's has the food we like cheaper, but they only have the young large breed formula, not the old large breed formula. Both of the pets are getting old and creaky enough to spring for the senior varieties.) And Cold Spot is SO nice. The people are super friendly, and we found a hot orange collar that will fit the monster dog. I let the child free-range until she found the bulk cat food and would not leave it alone. So, I had to stuff her into the cart, protesting at the top of her shrill child lungs. She settled down quickly, and no one gave us dirty looks. At least, that I saw. They cooed over her at the front counter when we checked out, so presumably, they've seen worse.

She is currently yelling 'HIIIIIIIII' at the top of her voice to let me know she's ready to get up from her nap.
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