Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Tuesdaily with sneezes

The first of the sea monsters is up!

Doesn't look too scary, does it? Just a cluster of jellyfish, right? That is why I am putting together the scale chart, my dears. Plus, they are horrendously poisonous... We are $35 from adding a diver for scale now, and I'd really love to do that.

I've been feeling a little wimpy for suffering from sneezy allergies the last few days; I don't usually have seasonal allergies. This article makes me feel better. Second highest birch pollen counts since counting began here. (And the first highest recorded here was the second highest recorded anywhere in the world!) The snow from yesterday didn't stick, but I did cover my garden again, because it was down in the low 30s again last night. I'm not sure it *actually* frosted, but I figured the poor sprouts would appreciate a little straw.

Medicine is starting to kick in. I'm taking a shower while I can and eating some breakfast...
Tags: artwork, health, sea monster month, torn world

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