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I've opened the Torn World Muse Fusion, come leave prompts! http://torn-world.livejournal.com/177174.html

I also posted an article on Kickstarter Clues: http://ellenmillion.livejournal.com/1444069.html

This weekend was busy - we got some work done around the house, and in particular, replaced the kitchen faucet. The installation of the new one was the easy part - ripping out the old one was a SERIOUS pain. Our sink is a little deeper than usual, so it's harder to get to the fittings than it should be, and they were STUCK. We finally ended up demolishing the faucet in place to get it out. The new one is LOVELY, and doesn't leak all around the faucet like the old one did. Which means the water pressure doesn't drop after its been sitting a while, and the water comes on promptly when the handle is lifted, instead of spitting like an asthmatic camel for a few moments first.

However, contorting around in the cabinet under the sink has left me brutally sore this morning. I think I twisted something, but can't decide where it hurts most: my hips, my back, my shoulder, or my neck. I've also got a new special foam pillow that I'm not convinced is right for me, so it's hard to know how much of my pain this morning is due to that.

*hobbles around after the toddler*

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