Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


I hear a mushroom rattle going off upstairs, so this is the briefest update in the history of updates:


Since then, the phone rang three times, the baby was changed and fed, the living room was vacuumed, the dog was pilled and fed and put outside (I couldn't do that earlier because we had twin moose visitors), a contract was pdfed, and laundry was moved to the drier.

My inbox is at 58, but I hope to clear it back to under 50 today. I also get to pick up my coloring book proofs. We need veggies, so I'll go shopping, too, and - depending on Guppy cooperation - may go to the children's museum or turf time. Or maybe the library! I need a shower first. I also have art to scan today, a catbox to scoop, and toys to weed.

Guppy's latest favorite thing to do is pile EVERYTHING in a giant heap. Her toys, stolen dishtowels, all the boots and coats and hats she can reach, the tupperware, her water cup, her toy vacumm... into a giant mountain of STUFF - usually right in the middle of the traveled way.

Stuff to do! Back later with art, I hope.
Tags: guppy

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