Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Stretch... I mean Sketch Fest.

Inbox: 48. A few more than last report, but for mid-Sketch Fest, that's remarkable.

I have sketched 6 rough pieces, and I'm probably done. I had a massage and adjustment on Friday, and the therapist said: "Woah." "Oh my GOD." And, "How were you even WALKING?"

I was seriously sore this morning, but some dedicated stretching and lots of water later, I feel quite a lot more limber than I have in a long while.

In other news, I bought and watched Frozen, and was pretty much delighted with it. I'm not sure I've EVER bought a new movie before; I'm so cheap I usually buy them used or wait until they're on Netflix. This one won me for a few reasons.
Tags: health, sketch fest

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