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Tuesdaily Proper

Inbox count: 371

I'm appalled to find whole SWATHES of emails from months ago... that I simply never answered. This is my head hanging in shame. Some of them are outdated, and I've been in touch with these people since, so they just get filed, but many, MANY of them are things I should have replied to much sooner. I'm so, so sorry.

Laundry is in, and I've showered and had breakfast. It's balmy today, so no fire. Posted at Torn World (this old sketch!), and sketched a super, super rough idea down. I took a long walk with Norway yesterday evening, and my back is a bit whiny about it now.

Monsterus Minimus never did take her nap yesterday, and at about 6:30, started nodding in her high chair with that glazed look she gets before unconsciousness. (Interestingly, she has fallen asleep in her high chair twice, but she never does that thing I see photos of other toddlers doing where they fall asleep in other random places. Maybe I just catch her before that stage and get her down to nap soon enough? Possibly, she's more self-aware about when she needs sleep, as she will sometimes come up to me and directly ask for a nap.) She hadn't eaten enough dinner at that point, so I got her engaged in her food, and she got a second wind that carried her, giggling and scampering, through to a slightly early bedtime, rather than a ridiculously early bedtime. She passed out decisively, and we watched an episode of Fringe before following suit. She is still asleep now. Those molars she was working on almost 6 weeks ago are finally coming through, I think - there is a suspicious hollow on those gums now, and she was putting all kinds of things in her mouth yesterday. I gave her a teether, for the first time in a long time, and it was chewed on with much enthusiasm.

I've found some older photos, in cleaning out my inbox:

Oh! There's the baby! Off to be Mom.



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Mar. 11th, 2014 07:23 pm (UTC)
She's just ridiculously cute! Always makes me smile.

I know what you mean about emails! I do the same thing now and then. The lesson I've taken from it is that a) everyone does this from time to time, and b) the world did not stop turning due to my lack of response. Some stuff you obviously can't let go by, but I get lots of email at work that simply doesn't require more than a cursory glance. I'm sure no one blames you for being slightly absent from conversations for a short while!!
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