Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Mondaily with adorable

She's just starting to add possessives to things. 'Mama's chair! Papa's chair! Guppy's* highchair!' she points out, several times a day. 'Bye bye, mama's chair,' she says when we go upstairs. She got a new chair for her birthday on Friday, just her size, and has been dragging it happily around the house. 'Guppy's chair!' she says gleefully.

She also loves macaroni and cheese, as many small monsters her age do. She calls it 'macacheeeee!' and will go the cabinet and find the box, bring it to me, and start collecting the pans for it, whether I was planning to make it or not.

The other evening, delightedly eating her orange noodles, she decided they were now 'Mamapapacheeeeeee!' All her favorite things in one.

I'll have bear photos later.


In adorable things: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mcahogarth/the-laundry-dragons


In other, less adorable, things, slammed with stuff to do. Excited about some of it. Less so, some of the rest of it. Woke up with Ideas.

*She says her actual name; Guppy is a nom de plume to give her a semblance of anonymity on the Internet.
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