Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Gimme List.

(This is as much for *my* reference as anything... I can never remember things when family asks. I'm not expecting anything from anyone else. :))

I want!

Mixed tapes for the car
New music system for the car involving MP3s or CDs and better speakers
Lap desk
Art supplies
Lip gloss... yummy flavored
Fuzzy slippers that can be worn outside.
Horse photo reference book
A flush toilet
New Robin McKinley book (!!!!yay!!!!), Sunshine (I think?)
Any of the Spectrum art books
Any pretty fantasy art books
Frame for my Berry mural poster

Good mixes

Star Trek; NG Seasons (I have season 4)
Outerlimits seasons
Babylon5 (I have season 1)
Indiana Jones collection
Princess Bride DVD
Dark Crystal
James Bond
Sex in the City (I think I have season 4 or 3)
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