Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


I missed celebrating Monster Day yesterday, but would like to sit and sketch a monster today if I get a chance.

The house is still struggling back from the Illness. I think the smallest monster is going through a growth spurt - she's been terrifically needy and eating everything. Largest monster is dragging today and I'm still feeling a little under the weather myself, and sore from not quite over-doing it yesterday. I ran the snowblower on the driveway (we got about 4 inches of snow) and did almost too much hand shoveling on the switchback... my back today is letting me know that I got a good workout. There are some muscles in my arms used for blowing snow that have clearly been neglected, too. My throat still hurts and I blow my nose more than usual.

I did completely purge my closet over the long weekend, hang some art that had been cluttering the floor, and vacuum the entire upstairs. I got rid of a large diaper box (the wholesale crate size!) of clothing and a stuffed giant bag. Stuff I hadn't worn in forever, things I loved that were falling apart, some things that had been given to me that had too much baggage for me to ever wear... it feels wonderful to have it all gone, and my space is clear and orderly again and I found several items of clothing I'd forgotten I owned. I don't have to wear the same three shirts over and over again!

Pizza tonight (homemade sausage thawing, homemade bread rising!)... off to put more wood in the fire now.
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