Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Tuesdaily with sick...

Good thing I got stuff done early yesterday... about five it dawned on me that I felt distinctly bus-run-over, and it started downhill from there. Sore throat, slow nasal drip, random sneezing, and general ugh feeling with heavy limbs. Yup, I've got a cold. Guppy didn't let me sleep in this morning, but I will nap when she does. She nursed twice as much yesterday as usual and has a slightly soggy sound to her breathing, so I think she's got a touch of it, too. Go, go antibodies, I hope. I'm dragging through the bare necessity of chores today (I stocked all of today's wood last night after I recognized the getting-sick feeling) and rotting our brains with Batman cartoons (the 70s episodes) and Star Trek.
Tags: guppy, health

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