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Ellen Million

Tuesdaily with Toddler Entertainment

I have a few stories from our trip to Oregon, but they are still in bits and pieces in my head, and will require unpacking.

I was surprised by a few items of entertainment that worked ridiculously well on our trip:


My mother, having survived me as a child, knew just how to distract the Guppy: beans. Most of a bag of white beans, a spoon, and a few tupperware containers, and this child was happy as a clam - for HOURS. And she remembered it the next days, too, pointing at the cabinet and demanding "Beeeeeeaaaaaaans!" like a good little zombie.

Apparently, when I was young, I managed to get one far enough up my nose to require an ER trip, so it does still require a little supervision. Though possibly, Guppy is smarter than me.

Also to be noted, she would not tolerate the sole black bean in with the mix. "Little racist!" I scolded her. She threw the bean across the room.


The in-flight magazine had an advertisement with a photo of a baby in a hat. And you'd think, okay, baby in a hat. *flip*

Not so, for Guppy.

I swear, she spent over an hour, each direction, 'losing' the baby so that she could ask "Where's the babeeeeee?" "Where's the babeeeeee?", find it (or make me find it) and exclaim in delight, "BABEEEEEEEE!" With the occasional addition of "Babeeee in a hah!"

Where's my hand?

"Where" is a repeated theme in her entertainment. We've been playing a low-key 'where'd your hand go?' while getting dressed over the last couple of months, and this trip, she volunteered it, sucking her hand into her sweater and asking, "Haaaan? Where's the haaaan go?" Then she'd peek the fingers out and cackle in glee. Over and over and OVER again.

Feeding the ducks

There were tame ducks in a nearby park, and we went to feed them. That was a HIT. Such a hit that she woke me up at 5:30 one morning. "Feeeee the duck? Quack? Quackow? Quackoooooow?"

I was not amused.

She took her duck-feeding duties very seriously. I couldn't capture her with a smile.
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