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Goals for 2014

Now that we're in February (what?!), it's time to finalize my goals and systems for the year.

Many of the items on the checklist will overlap; things that will fulfill my art goals, for example, may also expand my personal career goals, etc. One thing to note is that none of my system items rely on anyone else... none of them include 'get a story published,' just 'submit a story for publication.'

good progress, done!, not started (Last updated 7/22/14)

Writing Goals:

More exciting writing!
Less boring slice-of-life stuff.
More substance. (Stuff that MATTERS)


At least 15 stories or serial installments that have really great 'hook.' - I think I have one here. Arguably two?
At least one story that is a stand-alone. - Possibly?
At least one piece of finished non-fiction. Kickstarter Clues
Read 10 books. (Novellas count.) Four novels and 1 novella, so far.
Revise the Upheaval novel. - Haven't touched it.

Art Goals:

Less static portraiture
Bolder color use
Improved hands


1 Master's study.
12 pages of hands. (A page may be multiple sketches or one large detailed piece.) - I have a lot of pages of hands in the short comic I'm working on! Counts for some of these, at least.
6 pieces in color. Installing the Lights, Farscout and Brightwood, Skykittens (not published), ...
At least 2 sketches per Sketch Fest. - So far, yes!

Personal Career Goals:

Take my own art and career more seriously.


Submit at least one piece of writing to a publisher.
Submit at least one piece of artwork to a publisher. -Submission to Unlikely 3/1/14
Complete four new coloring book pages. 2 (Colors of Change, Negotiations)
Complete six new Portrait Adoption pieces. - Oops.
Kickstart a project for ME. (Rails? Sea Monster Web? Torn World Postcards? Sketch Fest chapbooks? SO many ideas!) - It wasn't through Kickstarter, but I did crowdfund the Sea Monster Scale chart, and I've started the Sketch Tarot. Does that count?
Work on a cohesive show collection. - Hmm... and I have a show coming up in October, too...

Business Goals:

Expand the reach of my coloring books
Reinvigorate Portrait Adoption
Continue Torn World
Re-examine Commission Control
Continue Sketch Fest


Release at least two new coloring books. (Kickstarter?) - Struggling to get submissions!
Make promotional material for the coloring books and get it out to retailers and customers.
Improve public documentation for coloring book submission, to attract more artists. - Done!
Make promotional material for Portrait Adoption, get it out to the audience.
Continue writing/releasing stories in the main Torn World storyline. - Fell on my face... but figured out why!
Do something fun for Sea Monster month. - Sea Monster Scale Chart! Yay!
Make a game plan for Commission Control. - I have poked this...
Run at least 12 Sketch Fests. Continue to improve the site. - Still chugging along!

Personal Goals:

Mental health
Physical health
Household contribution


Maintain downtime and pamper myself once in a while.
Contribute financially to personal retirement.
Take a strengthening class (dance counts!) or a reliable gym regimen.
Be more mindful of my posture, especially while working.
Listen to music.
Keep the lists above from becoming overwhelming by cutting as is reasonable.
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