Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

It's Thursday - did you miss me?

Or did you just miss Guppy photos?

Here are two as a teaser, and a hint about why I haven't blogged in over a week:

I had a matching batman shirt on... but mine didn't come with a velcro-on cape! We got many laughs and nice comments.

Jake says she's grown an inch since we left. She's also sprouting new molars, and her manual dexterity is markedly better. She's a great traveler. More stories (and a few product reviews) later... I have just finished emptying the catbox, scrubbing out the bathroom, and doing some laundry, and I can't put off my (OHGODAWFUL) email inbox any longer. Guppy is still sleeping and this is my chance, as the recently-bachelor-ized house* is out of staples and our post office box is undoubtedly overflowing, so we'll have to do running around after she gets up.

* To be perfectly fair, the kitchen and living room were spotless! And all of the plants have perked back up with a little water.
Tags: guppy, photos, travel

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