Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Mondaily - busier than usual (with little show for it!)

There was a Sketch Fest this weekend, and I got 5 really rough pieces done, though I still need to upload three of those. I've got all the sales approved (none to chase down this month, which may be a first!) an am sending artist payments now.

I also finished a BIG programming update for a client, and am waiting for that to break with a finger on the roll-back button.

Adorable child has been adorable, but active...

I did get a long walk with Norway, today - which was simply sublime, if exhausting. It's a ridiculous 31 degrees, so the snow is pretty squishy and I had to take off my coat altogether on the way back up the hill.

Very busy week ahead, I won't be around much. Off to chop up food for stir fry and give a toddler her special yellow spoon...

(Or, by the time I actually POST this, time for changing the sheets on the bed and then falling into it!)
Tags: daily, guppy, photos
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