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Ellen Million

Tuesdaily, with the importance of the Bears Bear.

It seems like an unusually high percentage of the photos I've tried to take lately have been blurry, or have a finger up a nose, or I'm getting an expression like this:

We have gone out and played in the snow a few times. Yesterday, she followed me back and forth to the woodpile while I was getting wood for the stove. She can now navigate herself on and off the porch with ease. This is from a week or so ago:

Today, we got the children's museum - where there were a few dozen other children! It was a bit of a madhouse, but she dealt well. We made it out without screams of protest, this time. (Well, our screams of protest, anyway. There were others.) We stopped and looked at the very big bear*, which she wanted to hug (but could not).

And speaking of bears! She has a stuffed Chicago Bears bear - one of those pillow pets that spreads out flattish. I've had in her bed for the last few months, and wasn't sure she really cared that much for it... until last night.

I put her down and she wasn't asleep, but she also wasn't fussy. She was babbling cheerfully to herself, or to her giraffe, maybe, for 10 or 15 minutes, when suddenly the noises became frantic and turned to crying. "Bahh! Bahhh!" she kept saying. "Mama! Bahhhh!" It wasn't her usual 'I don't want to sleep' noise.

I went in, and she immediately, imperiously, pointed to the corner of her room where the Bears bear was on top of her toys. "BBBBAAAAAHHHHH!"

Obediently, I brought her the bear and told her it was time to sleep. She put the bear on the opposite side of the crib from herself and curled up happily in her odd sleeping position (on TOP of the blankets, hands under her, butt in the air). She only had to know it was there, apparently.

She did babble for another thirty minutes, so possibly there was more bear interaction than I observed, but she was quite content until she finally fell asleep.


In non-Guppy news (there is such a thing?), I am refining my list of goals and systems, polishing up a few Torn World submissions, working on some artwork, and planning some travel.

*In the adult's section of the museum is a taxidermy brown bear. I don't know how tall he is - 9'? 10'? Very huggable, but the museum staff frowns on that.
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