Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

2013 Artwork Retrospective - part 2 (Still super image intensive.)


Hmm. I did three sketches for Sketch Fest, none of which are particularly inspiring. I did do a lot of non-art admin to finish up the Sea Monster project, and I made progress on Midnight Sun Magic, but didn't get that finished until August.


I did five sketches for Sketch Fest, three of them destined for Portrait Adoption:

And I worked on the Kickstarter artwork I had promised:


I did four art cards for Sketch Fest. This was by far my favorite:


Three sketches for the usual Sketch Fest, all very rough. This was my favorite idea:

But there was also a bonus Sketch Fest for EMG's 20th birthday, for which I drew seven sketches for. My favorite sketch was for Star Landing, which I ended up finishing in November.

I ran a 20 Days of 20 Years sale that ate much of my creative time this month... and cleared a few boxes out of storage!

I finally finished inking this monster for Fantastrix:

I also inked this for River Twine: http://www.rivertwine.com/artpageview.php?id=2158


Four sketches for Sketch Fest, none of them particularly inspiring.

I did go back and finish this one:

November was concentrated on finishing my Kickstarter rewards:


Two sketches for Sketch Fest - this is one:

And a contest entry for River Twine:

Whew! It was a GOOD year, artistically. I stretched myself, improved, and did things that were hard. And, I really like some of these pieces. I didn't do a big color piece, which is disappointing, but on the whole, pats on the back!
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