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The 2013 Artwork Retrospective, part 1 - very image intensive!


9 sketches for Sketch Fest, most of them very, very rough. I still want to finish this one:

This piece was finished from an older Sketch Fest:


10 Sketches for Sketch Fest:

And several that were finished later in the year.

Two finished pieces from older Sketch Fests:

A silly art card just for fun:

A portrait adoption piece:

A Torn World piece:


Two Sketch Fests this month... and I did a whopping 34 sketches! Most were art cards:

This was done as a prize at Torn World:

Triplets! What a challenge!


Six sketches for Sketch Fest.

Bleeding bleeding hearts.

An experiment on birch bark.

A photo of the creative process... (this was before monsterus minimus could actually reach up onto the table...)

I didn't do an awful lot in April - I must've been saving it up for May...


May was notable for two things: It was Sea Monster Month at Torn World, and I launched a Kickstarter for my Fantastrix coloring book. The latter was a wild ride that ran well into June, and the former was no less busy, as I did a little crowdfunding project of sea monster art cards that went very well and was great fun. I ended up doing 21 sea monster cards: http://ellenmillion.livejournal.com/1373367.html

I did these pieces for Torn World, though they weren't published until June:

I also did six sketches for Sketch Fest - mostly art cards. This was my favorite:

(Original still available!)

As if that wasn't enough, I also finished a whole batch of existing black and white artwork from previous sketch fests - 8 pieces in total. Like this one:


I did 7 art cards for this Sketch Fest. My favorite two:

The prompt was: Goat floating in an innertube wearing a bikini with cherries on it.

And I finished this for Fantastrix:

Although it was the second one I started, it was the first I finished and was an order of magnitude simpler than the other two I did for the project.

...to be continued....
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