Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Mondaily with more old artwork and a brief Christmas recap

It was a really, really lovely Christmas. It was only the three (two and a half?) of us for the day, and a few gifts and a lot of great food (bacon-wrapped, sausage-stuffed pork tenderloin!) and laughter and fun. I got a set of Copic markers to play with (eee!), a Batman shirt, a pair of long underwear and a shark with a FRICKIN' LASER POINTER! In all, quite awesome. Guppy got some fabulous loot, and has spent a great deal of time with a bucket on her head, telling me about her new letters (R included), listening to her Very Own music-maker, and putting her Very Own keys in her fuzzy purple purse.

I took a walk with Norway, and hung up my own ornament contribution. The only one I had was silver, though, so it's a little hard to spot. It is glittery, though, so it should sparkle when the sun hits it.

On Saturday, I was hanging my Batman shirt up on the line to dry and I asked, "Do you think Guppy would be okay with the Batman cartoons?" We don't let her watch an awful lot of TV, but once in a while, we'll turn something on. Before Jake could answer, Guppy pointed to the shirt and said enthusiastically, "BAHMAH!!" And we all cheered. My awesome little geek Guppy.

More scanning this weekend - and I got a NEW piece of artwork done, too. (But won't show you that until it goes up at the RT site...)

This was an RPG character from a Serenity tabletop game from 2006. I really liked this character - she was so much fun to play! (I even wrote fanfiction for her. (Fanfiction.net / AoOO)

(Hmm... thought I had more old artwork, but I guess it was all Torn World stuff...)

Today, there is Guppy-wrangling (as a given!), laundry-folding, bread-making, and a bunch of security programming work (massive changing of passwords housekeeping for self and for clients. YUCK.).
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