Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

More old artwork

I've had such a fun time scanning some of this old work. I will be adding most of it to the complete archives at my site, but you get to see it here first.

This sketchbook was from 1999, and most of it was done while I was living in Sweden. One of the things I bought while I was there was a little travel set of pan watercolors. My sketchbook wasn't really made for wet media, but I did a few anyway...

Rapunzel remains a favorite theme. (See icon!)

See? I promised a dragon and a kangaroo...

I also have a Whole Bunch of concept artwork going up at Torn World - the first three are up, but I've got another 30 or so that I'll be releasing slowly over the next couple of months. http://www.tornworld.net/noncanonartgallery.php
Tags: artwork
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