Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Surprises on a Winter Walk

On Sunday, I went for a walk. It was the day after solstice, and the daylight was this brief gasp in the middle of the day, but I was determined to get out. I took Norway, and struck out on the trails that start just out the back of our house. I wore snowshoes, as it had snowed several inches a day for the last couple of days, and was glad I did; the trails were not well traveled.

But someone had definitely been along them since I'd last made the trek. A spot of color caught my eye...

Oh, how enchanting, I thought! But what an odd choice of tree, when there were more Christmas Tree-like specimens just... well, look at that!

But that wasn't all!

This tree had three of them:

The light was not good - I think it was technically past sunset at this point, and I trudged further than I otherwise might have, peering around for more. I wasn't disappointed!

This particular tree is a monster - to give you some scale, Norway appears in the first photo, down and to the left. I tried to get the full tree in the frame and failed from every angle - you see only about a third of it in the first view.

Then there was a long gap and I began to think about turning around, when I saw a bit of color - green that was definitely not spruce tree. But it wasn't another ornament!

For the more southerly of you, this is a dog-booty! It is an honored trail tradition to hang lost mittens or dog booties on a prominent branch when you come across them, so they don't get drifted under the snow and the original owner has a chance of finding them again.

It was a fun end to the trail of ornaments in the wild. I walked considerably further, but didn't find any more.

Whatever neighbor put these out, I thank you. You brightened and delighted my day.

I hope they do the same for you, lovely readers.

May your Christmas be filled with unexpected beauty.
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