Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Mondaily - First Ornament Casualty...

I took a bold risk and put ornaments on the tree on Friday - but only the cheap little shiny silver balls that I'd gotten on clearance one year. Our special or fragile ornaments stayed in their box, for previously mentioned toddler and pet reasons. I figured I'd see if little fingers stayed away from them on command, or if I could dare to put them on later.

Guppy was enthralled, and eager to 'help' me hang them. I let her hold them for me, and hand them to me one at a time, and I solicited her opinion on where they should go.

She hasn't been as good about leaving them alone as I'd hoped - over the weekend, she brought me several of them. ("Hee-ow!") A few of them had to be put back together, and she hasn't quite mastered putting them BACK. But, she was gentle about it, and there were no actual losses... until Sunday, when the husband gave a giant stuffed Easter chicken an unceremonious kick in the direction of the tree. It hit the tree squarely, causing it to flex and shed half a dozen ornaments, flinging one unlucky sphere back across the length of the house. It bounced off a painting above the kitchen cabinets and ping-ponged down to the floor, shattering into an 8 foot radius of tiny ornament shards.

So, it wasn't the giant dog, the playful cat, OR the toddler, it was the husband, with a stuffed Easter chicken.

I took my sister and nephews for lunch today - yum! Guppy was a doll, if a very sleepy doll at the beginning of the lunch, having fallen asleep on the way to the restaurant. She perked up and ate a dozen crackers and some cheese and crab filling and bread and flirted with people at other tables. We dared to go shopping after that, but she was clearly running out of steam, so we didn't get the second store when we couldn't find what we wanted at the first store. Ah, well! I'm just kicking myself because I think I left the kitty litter in the bottom of the cart when we left. Argh.
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