Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Wednesdaily with ooooold art and new art...

I've been digging through my old sketchbooks, looking for a particular original I've sold, and it's been a fun trip down memory lane. A ton of ElfQuest stuff, Kadanzer art that was never posted, old Torn World concept stuff... I've been scanning a little of it, so look for new (ooooold) stuff in the Torn World non-canon gallery in the near future. Lots and lots of first draft commission scribbles, which sort of makes me want to accept character commissions again... >.> (I'm not that crazy!) Some drawings of lab equipment for reports that would make interesting steampunk-y elements.

A design I'd intended for stationery but never finished (from 2000):

Also, a dragon and a kangaroo? I have no idea what I was thinking. (I didn't scan that one. More interesting as a description than a depiction, actually.)

And yesterday's piece - happy holidays!

Warmer, today - just 3 below! I let the fire go out last night so I could scoop out ashes this morning. Guppy is still snoozing while I scan stuff; I'll wait until she's up to make all the noise.

Last night, I heard a little ripping noise and found Guppy busily unwrapping the present Jake brought home from work for her. Had I told her it was for her? Jake's presents are still entirely unmolested under the tree. (Except for that one ribbon the cat chewed up!) Was it just because the wrapping paper is shinier? "You have to wait until next week!" I scolded. She tore at the paper faster as I approached, but did not wail when I took it away from her, just looked puzzled, and then was cheerfully distracted by the pile of (now unsorted) tea that she had been playing with before. Her present is now safely out of reach.

Bread dough to make today for pizza tonight. Otherwise... I'm not sure what our plan is! Maybe some writing now, since Guppy is still sleeping...
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