Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Wednesdaily with Letters

We have magnetic letters on the fridge - just enough to spell Guppy's name, and we added a handful more last week to spice things up. She's loved these letters from day one, but mostly to put them in things, rearrange them, and stack them on the cat. Yesterday, I asked her where the A was, and she picked it off the fridge.  "Aaaaaay!"  A fluke, I figured. There aren't that many letters in her name.  "Where's the L?"  She picked it out like a pro.  "Aaaaaaahl!"

Today, 25 letters on the fridge (we don't have an R, these are second-hand letters), and it is the Best Thing Ever! She'll identify the few she knows, if I ask her (U is her favorite: 'Eeeeeew!'), but mostly she wants to put them in her bucket or her velcro bag. She also found the zipper on the cover of the dog mat that she likes to play on, and has decided it is one GIGANTIC purse.  Sometimes, she'll hold one out and ask me to name it for her.  I think it confuses her that Q is 'Eeeeeew', too.

Not sure what the plan is for today yet. Keep the fire going. Put folded laundry away. Maybe some art? I'm debating a Christmas tree... 
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