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Blog posts brewing: high school reunions (and running into old friends!), writing, the goals of the year, next year's goals, bread (but not circuses!), artwork, and fandoms...

This blog is none of those.

I have finished mailing 90% of my Kickstarter rewards. (Exactly 90% - I did two more boxes than I would have this morning because I like round numbers!) It took two trips into the post office yesterday with toddler and 5 today, plus 45 minutes in line (for ONE international package), but all those boxes and envelopes (and all but 4 of the 20 days boxes!) are winging their way to their recipients. I did 8 packages this morning, so I'm on track to get the rest out by Thursday... except that some of them are waiting on surveys, questions or custom art (just two, now! And one is half done! The other hasn't responded and I don't know what they want!).

Guppy charmed everyone at the post office.  She was sort of cute and generically funny, for the first 20 minutes or so, if a little prone to trotting off in a random direction or pulling envelopes out of the express mail display.  She played with my keys.  She put her hat in the bag and pulled it out.  She got shy with a guy with a beard.  I held her for a while, I put her back down. She played underneath an island, and then stood up and banged her head so hard people around us went a little quiet.  "You okay?" I asked her, gathering her up and bracing for the inevitable tears and screams... and she just rubbed her head ruefully and went on with life.  "I would've cried," the big, tough guy in front of us said wryly.  "I'm impressed."  People nodded.

We were finally up, and the young man at the window next to us dropped a broken zipper pull.  "Rats!" he said, and Guppy trotted right over and picked up one of the pieces he'd missed.  "Hee-ow!" she said, handing it to him.

Our audience melted.  "She is the cutest kid," one of the clerks told us.  "Every time she's in here, she's so sweet.  You should leave her here to entertain us."

On our way out, she picked up trash to throw away, and she waved.

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